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Heavenly hearty spicy chicken quesadillas

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Heavenly hearty spicy chicken quesadilla

Who loves chicken raise your hand? What, can I only show one hand? I want to show two hands. What about arms? Can I jump up and down? Because that is just to show how much I love, no how much I adore chicken. Chicken has so many possibilities. This recipe is just a base to start with. Use what every flavour makes you happy. As variety is the spice of life these heavenly hearty spicy chicken quesadillas are a such great an example of this. Lets get started!

The quesadilla is such a great alternative to bread for breakfast but also for lunch. Especially when you add hot toppings they get even better. Quesadillas are easy to make and the options are endless. Make homemade tortillas with just 4 ingredients. Super easy to make and they taste amazing. Of course you can also use store bought tortillas but I recommend home made any day of the week or weekend.

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