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Photo Mireille

Hi there! Great that you stopped by on the Tortilla Channel. I’m Mireille, born and raised in the city of Amsterdam. Where I still live to this day with my husband.

As long as I can remember I’ve held an interest in photography from a point and shoot to a SLR to a DSLR camera. To get better at photography I studied photography for a year at the Photo Academy in Amsterdam. Where I learned to appreciate black and white photography. I use a Canon 5D mark3 as well as the Canon 5D mark2 for my photography and my phone to shoot video.

From an early age I loved food and would join my father in the kitchen. He would get up early on the weekend to cook or go to market to get groceries. I was fascinated by how he would turn a bunch of ingredients as by magic into something delicious.

But why the Tortilla Channel?

Just about any culture has there own version of the tortilla. In Surinam where my father was born they have the roti and in the Netherlands we have the pannenkoek. Spain and Mexico they have their own version of the tortilla and in India they have naan and roti as well. As I love to eat all of these, I decided to start the Tortilla Channel to show the “tortilla” with a twist. But also foods that would go great with a tortilla or any version. The Tortilla Channel is a platform but certainly not a limitation because we have  enough of them already. It is a great way to fuse styles and cultures together.

Besides food I am passionate about sports (I just about watch any kind of sport but soccer and golf are my favorite). I love to play golf myself but also lifting weights to stay in shape and read thrillers in the garden.

I hope you will come with me on this tortilla journey. If you have suggestions please let me know. Thanks for stopping by.