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The best fish fajitas

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Looking for the best fish fajitas recipe? Take a look at this Panga filet fajitas. Super easy to make, perfectly seasoned with homemade fajitas seasoning and so tasty. Visit for the full recipe #thetortillachannel #fishfajitas #pangafilet #fajitasrecipe #dinnerrecipe

These Fish fajitas has a nice crust on the outside and is soft on the inside. Made with the best filets and soft vegetables. A fajitas recipe you will love!

Because this recipe is all about speed but still nothing short of amazing. Who doesn’t like a tasty recipe that doesn’t require hours of kitchen time. So want to learn how you can make the best fish fajitas? Lets get started!

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Looking for the side dish that goes with everything? Take a look at these garlic mushrooms they are perfect with garlic bread, steak, pork chops or a burrito bowl. Visit for the full recipe. #thetortillachannel #mushrooms #sidedish #garlicmushrooms #easymushrooms
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Garlic mushrooms

These garlic mushrooms go with everything. They are so good. Honestly if you are looking for the best side dish ever try these garlic mushrooms! The mushrooms are made…