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This category contains easy step by step instructions how to make a certain dish. It usually includes a short video with all the steps.

How to recipes

Easy cheesy garlic bread

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Cheesy garlic bread made with garlic butter, parmesan and mozzarella 🍴. Visit thetortillachannel.com for the full recipe 🍞 #thetortillachannel #garlicbread #cheesygarlicbread #cheesybread #garlicbreadrecipe

Easy cheesy garlic bread is the best bread you ever tasted. It has everything soft chewy bread on the inside with sharp garlic and cheese, cheese and more cheese!

Eat it as a side dish with a bowl of soup or as a starter. Take a bite in this crispy pull apart garlic bread that is warm and soft on the inside. You will make it every time ready to learn how to make homemade cheesy garlic bread? Let’s get started! 

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Looking for the best salmon salad recipe that you can serve with lunch or your next party? Take a look at this easy, fast and simple recipe. This salmon salad is done in no time and super tasty. Visit thetortillachannel.com #thetortillachannel #salmonsalad #easysalad #salmon #lunchrecipe #partyfood
How to recipes

Salmon salad

Salmon salad is a super tasty recipe and done in no time. Great for lunch or your next party. I used wild canned salmon that is perfect for this…