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4 Of The Best Easy Curry Recipes

4 of the best easy curry recipes. Delicious curry dinner options that you can eat with flatbread, naan or tortilla. #thebestcurry #thetortillachannel #vegancurry #thaicurry #thayredcurry #yelllowcurry #greencurry

4 of the best easy curry recipes that you can make in no time. I am sharing yellow, red and green curry so you can choose you favorite. Are you ready to learn all about these curry recipes and how to make them? Lets get started!

Curry are a great recipe that you can eat with flatbread and there is nothing better than to dip a piece of tortilla, flatbread or naan in a hot curry. Fortunately you can find many flatbread recipes on the Tortilla Channel so find one as soon as you know which curry recipe you like to make. So we are sharing 4 of the best recipes from vegan curry recipes to a chicken curry recipe.

Most curry recipes originate in India with a lot of  different regions that have their own specific curry paste. You can also find curry recipes in a lot of other countries like e.g. Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Sri Lanka but also China, Korea and Japan.

Curries are a combination of spices and herbs but not to be mistaken with curry powder that you can buy in the store. Common spices and herbs you can find in a curries are:

  • Chili peppers
  • garlic
  • lemon grass
  • laos
  • onion
  • ginger
  • cumin
  • coriander
  • turmeric

Curry can either be dry or wet. With dry curries the dish is made with little liquids that evaporate during the cooking proces. Wet curries are made with a sauce or gravy which are made with ingredients like:

  • coconut milk,
  • yoghurt,
  • curry paste
  • tomato puree
  • vegetable puree
  • (coconut) cream

Curry side dishes

Curry can be eaten with a lot of side dishes the best are e.g:

1. Thai spicy red chicken curry

Spicy Thai red chicken curry portrait II

This Thai spicy red chicken curry recipe is an example of a great Thai curry recipe. All of these easy curry recipes are so called wet curries made with a thick gravy so you can take a flatbread and dip.

A Thai curry paste differs from a Indian curry because it contains the following addition ingredients:

  • lemon grass
  • laos
  • lemon
  • shrimp paste

This recipe is easy and done in 30 minutes. Prepare the curry in a cast iron skillet and let the curry simmer to give the meat and vegetables time to take on the flavors of the curry paste.

This recipes is great with some Basmati rice and flavorsome soft vegan flatbread.

Nutrition facts

Calories: 523; Fat: 43,9g; Carbs: 20,9g; Protein: 16,3g;

2. Yellow chickpea curry

Yummy yellow chickpea curry overhead portrait lighting

The second recipe on this list of easy curry recipes is this yummy yellow chickpea curry. You can make this recipe with a yellow curry paste which is medium hot. The chickpeas are a great substitute for meat and contain a lot of protein.

This recipe has a great bite and is something different with addition of the snow peas, chickpeas and sweet boiled potatoes. This dish is done in 25 minutes and tastes great with garlic and herbs vegan flatbread. This vegan garlic and herbs flatbread is easy to make and a perfect addition for this recipe.

This is a vegan recipe but if you are do not want to eat it vegan you can easily add some chicken or white fish while the curry is simmering on the stove.

Nutrition facts

Calories: 454; Fat: 16,4g; Carbs: 67,3g; Protein: 11,7g;

3. Vegan lentil mushroom curry

Vegan lentil mushroom curry with some naan, flatbread or a tortilla. A great dish. Visit thetortillachannel.com for the instructions and video.

This vegan lentil mushroom curry one of the most colorful curry recipes and a hearty filling curry due to the lentils. This recipe contains a lot of vegetables and you can add some color with scallions, red peppers and yellow peppers.

You make this recipe in 30 minutes and eat it with this the easiest vegetarian naan bread. To make it vegan you can easily substitute the yoghurt with vegan yoghurt. Bake it on the grill.

If you are not vegan and want to add some meat or poultry to this recipe you can. Add it after you added the onion and peppers to the skillet and let it simmer as described in the recipe.

Nutrition facts

Calories: 484; Fat: 22.6g; Carbs: 52.1g; Protein: 18.7g;

4. Thai green broccoli curry

The best Thai green curry that will make you happy. A delicious dinner option to eat with roti, flatbread, tortilla or scallion pancakes. Want to make this recipe visit thetortillachannel.com #curry #thaigreencurry #greencurry #dinner #asiancurry #asianrecipe #curryrecipe #vegancurry #homemadecurry

This Thai green curry is not only made with a green curry paste but also includes a lot of green vegetables like:

  • broccoli
  • green peas
  • scallion

You can make it even greener by adding ingredients like asparagus, snow peas or green beans. For this recipe we added Chinese scallion pancakes that are a great flatbread recipe and made with only 5 ingredients you get an amazing savory taste.

If you are not vegan and love fish you can easily add some salmon to the recipe. Add together with the mushrooms and let it simmer as described.

Nutrition facts

Calories: 662; Fat: 55.2g; Carbs: 38.3g; Protein: 11.5g


What all of these dishes show is how to make easy curry recipes. Most of these curry recipes are ready in half an hour or less and perfect for a week night dinner. The majority of these 30 minutes the curry needs to simmer on medium high heat. In the meantime you can prepare your favorite side dish.

Fill the curry with your favorite vegetables and let them simmer in a cast iron skillet or Dutch Oven. Enjoy your dinner.

4 of the best easy curry recipes. Delicious curry dinner options that you can eat with flatbread, naan or tortilla. #thebestcurry #thetortillachannel #vegancurry #thaicurry #thayredcurry #yelllowcurry #greencurry
4 of the best easy curry recipes. Delicious curry dinner options that you can eat with flatbread, naan or tortilla. #thebestcurry #thetortillachannel #vegancurry #thaicurry #thayredcurry #yelllowcurry #greencurry
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4 of the best easy curry recipes. Delicious curry dinner options that you can eat with flatbread, naan or tortilla. #thebestcurry #thetortillachannel #vegancurry #thaicurry #thayredcurry #yelllowcurry #greencurry

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