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Why You Should Teach Your Kids To Eat Healthy

Why you should teach your kids to eat healthy. Great tips to learn your kids to eat healthy. Visit thetortillachannel.com for all the tips #eathealthy #kidseathealthy #healthyeating

Eat healthy that is the main topic of today’s blog post which is a guest post by Wendy. Wendy is passionate about kids and food so a great combination to write about. Especially on the Tortilla Channel where I try to focus on how to eat healthy food. So are you ready to learn why you should teach your kids to eat healthy? Lets get started!

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From an early age, it is imperative that you teach your kids the importance of eating healthy. Nowadays, more and more children are choosing not to eat veggies. As a parent, you also need to teach your kids to eat sweets such as bulk skittles candy  but in moderation of course, because indulging in candies might actually help your kids get the most out of their study time.

Taking the First Steps

It is not enough to consume easy healthy meals as a family. You also need to take charge of your child’s health to reduce the risk of obesity and other problems. Obesity can increase the risk of developing diabetes and heart disease. How should you engage your children when it comes to healthy eating?

  • Buy books about healthy food – children love stories about the origin of food, so you should pique their interest from a young age. Make sure that you encourage them to ask questions because that will make them more interested.
  • Create a family garden – no matter how much space you have, you should try to create a garden. By doing so, you will show your kids where the food that they eat comes from and how it grows. If you do not have an outdoor space, you should grow seeds in pots and containers then place them on the windowsill. This will enable kids to feel more connected and engaged with the food that they eat and encourage them to make better choices.
  • Take your kids to community farms – taking your children to a community farm will teach them how food is grown and harvested. Food-based learning is vital, as it teaches your young ones to be curious about what they eat.
  • Stick to family meal times – if you work long hours, your family meal times might include takeout which is ok. However, routine is important to children and eating together forms a special bond.
  • Take them grocery shopping – your weekly shopping trip might be a rushed affair but you need to slow it down if you plan to take the kids with you. You can ask them to create a shopping list and involve them in meal planning and healthy eating.

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Cooking together with your kids

Cook together – although cooking with kids can be a messy job, you should involve them in cooking to ensure that they learn valuable life skills. Cooking with your kids has many psychological benefits and engages all their senses.

Here are two simple recipes for healthy meals ideas you can try with the kids:

Easy Greek Salad


2 cloves garlic, half red onion, pepper, half cup olive oil, one red pepper, tablespoon of dried oregano, 3 tomatoes, 4 salad cucumbers, one long English cucumber, tablespoon of red wine vinegar, and half juiced lemon.


Slice the onion and mince the garlic then mix them together. Toss them with olive oil, dried oregano, and vinegar. Chop the other tomatoes, cucumbers, and pepper then toss with onions and lemon juice. Serve the salad at room temperature.

Healthy kids lunch box smart wrap

A simple lunch box recipe for your kids.


1 tortilla wrap, 2 tbsp tomato tapenade, 3 slices of turkey filet, ½ cup of grated cheese, ½ of sun dried tomatoes, ½ avocado sliced.


Take a wrap and cover it with homemade tapenade. Cover with turkey slices and grated cheese. Then the sun dried tomatoes on top and the sliced avocado. Roll the tortilla up tight and cut in half.

healthy kids lunchbox smart wrap with lots of veggies. Visit thetortillachannel.com for the full recipe or pin it now so you can use it later.

Do Healthy Kids Become Healthy Adults?

Teaching your kids how to cook healthy meals means that they will grow up much healthier than most people will. Studies show that kids who learn how to cook early have better eating habits and they eat more fruits and vegetables. Moreover, when you teach your children how to cook at a young age, they will start recognizing healthy foods and will be more likely to try new things.


Children who eat healthy and balanced diets are more likely to become successful and happy adults. For this reason, you need to promote healthy eating habits from a young age. Ensure that you feed your children a good balance of fruits, veggies, omega 3 fats, carbohydrates, and proteins. Doing so will keep them healthy into adulthood. So enough reasons to make sure your kids eat healthy from an early age.

Why you should teach your kids to eat healthy. Simple answers and examples how to do this. Visit thetortillachannel.com #eathealthy #kidseathealthy #eatinghealthy
Why you should teach your kids to eat healthy. Simple answers and examples how to do this. Visit thetortillachannel.com #eathealthy #kidseathealthy #eatinghealthy
Why you should teach your kids to eat healthy. Simple answers and examples how to do this. Visit thetortillachannel.com #eathealthy #kidseathealthy #eatinghealthy


Thank you so much Wendy for this informative blog post on why parents should teach their children to eat healthy.

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Why you should teach your kids to eat healthy. Simple answers and examples how to do this. Visit thetortillachannel.com #eathealthy #kidseathealthy #eatinghealthy

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