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6 Easy Flatbread Recipes For Curry That Will Make You Happy

6 flatbread for curry show great flatbread recipes for all your curries. Give them a try #thetortillachannel #veganflatbread #potatoflatbread #chickpeaflatbread #garlicandherbflatbread #paratha #avocadoparatha #naanbread

Flatbread recipes for curry that is what I’m sharing with you today, 6 in total. Recipes that will make you happy. They are easy to make, flavory and tasty. Ready to learn 6 easy flatbread recipes for curry that will make you happy? Lets get started!

A good curry needs an even greater flatbread recipe. You just have to dip a flatbread in bowl of curry gravy so you need a great flatbread.

To be honest I am a gravy girl. The more gravy there is to put on my rice, potatoes or to dip some bread the better.

So today I want to show you what are the best flatbread recipes that you can eat with your curry recipes. Here we go.

1. Flavorful soft vegan flatbread

Flavorsome soft vegan flatbread portrait above

One of my favorite flatbreads is flavorsome soft vegan flatbread. It is made with no dairy milk so you will get a super soft and pliable flatbread. You can add some spices and herbs to this dough as well.

This flatbread is great at absorbing gravy which is very important if you want to eat it with curry and sauce.

Try this flatbread with e.g. yummy yellow chickpea curry.


Calories: 212; Fat: 4.5g; Carbs; 36.8g; Protein: 5.5g;

2. Naan bread

The easiest naan bread recipe made with 5 ingredients. Quick and easy visit thetortillachannel.com for the (video) instructions.

This easy vegetarian flatbread naan is so easy to make. It doesn’t contain any yeast and therefore done way faster than when you would use yeast.

It is baked on the griddle to give it nice stripes and a great taste. This naan flatbread it is great at absorbing the curry sauce and that is what you are looking for in a flatbread.

You can add a number of ingredients like:

  • garlic
  • onions
  • scallions
  • herbs
  • spices

Done in half an hour so no endless sessions in the kitchen when baking this naan flatbread.


Calories: 170; Fat: 5.1g; Carbs: 25.7g; Protein: 5g;

3. Garlic and herbs chickpea flatbread

soft garlic and herbs chickpea flatbread

This garlic and herbs flatbread is a real readers favorite. It is made with chickpea flour for a nutty flavor that combines perfectly with the garlic and herbs.

This recipe is totally vegan and yields approximately 10 flatbreads. The texture is great to eat with curry as the garlic and herbs adds to the flavor of the curry.


Calories: 279; Fat: 21.5g; Carbs; 18.8g; Protein: 4.7g;

4. Yufka Turkish flatbread tortilla

Easy yufka flatbread tortilla is a vegan flatbread. Soft and pliable. The Turkish version of the tortilla. Great with dinner or lunch. Want to make it visit thetortillachannel.com #tortilla #yufka #turkishflatbread #turkishyufka #turkishtortilla #vegantortilla

Another viewers favorite is this Turkish Yufka flatbread tortilla. This flatbread is soft, pliable, a little chewy and one of those great flatbread recipes. A great flatbread for curry in fact.

This originally may not be a flatbread you eat with curry but that is not the point of this post today because this flatbread is perfect for curry.

Take some curry sauce, some vegetables or meat and wrap it in this yufka. I promise you will love it.


Calories: 192; Fat: 5.1g; Carbs: 31.8g; Protein: 4.3g

5. Avocado paratha flatbread 

Vegan avocado and spices paratha flatbread roti. Creamy flatbread recipe. Visit thetortillachannel.com for the full (video) instructions.

Did you know you can make a paratha flatbread with avocado? This recipe is made with avocado and a must try if you are a avocado lover but also really delicious if you are not.

There are a lot of health benefits that you can credit to avocado and what better way than to combine it with a flatbread paratha.

This paratha flatbread is also a vegan recipe and great flatbread to eat with e.g. broccolli green curry.


Calories: 220; Fat: 10.2g; Carbs: 29g; Protein: 4.4g;

6. Potato roti flatbread

how to make potato flatbread roti one plate with roti

This potato roti flatbread is a super easy flatbread recipe. If you have not tried any roti flatbread recipe this is a good recipe to start.

You need only two ingredients. Is that possible? Yes it is and these flatbread roti’s have a great taste. You do not need any oil or baking product when baking these flatbreads but they are still soft and pliable.


Calories: 149; Fat: 2.2g; Carbs: 28.9g; Protein: 3.5g


If you thought that there is just one type of flatbread for your curry then this post is showing how many more options you have. Try different combination with your curry recipes and see which one is your favorite.

6 flatbread for curry show great flatbread recipes for all your curries. Give them a try #thetortillachannel #veganflatbread #potatoflatbread #chickpeaflatbread #garlicandherbflatbread #paratha #avocadoparatha #naanbread
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6 flatbread for curry show great flatbread recipes for all your curries. Give them a try #thetortillachannel #veganflatbread #potatoflatbread #chickpeaflatbread #garlicandherbflatbread #paratha #avocadoparatha #naanbread

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