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Here's our collection of fun and easy tortilla recipes. All the tortilla recipes have step-by-step instructions. We hope you love them as much as we do!
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Rice Flour Tortillas

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The best gluten free tortillas are rice flour tortillas. Just as soft and pliable as flour tortillas. Add your favorite fillings you will love it! Visit thetortillachannel.com for the full recipe #thetortillachannel #ricetortillas #glutenfreetortillas #tortillas

These rice flour tortillas are the best gluten-free tortillas!

Why you might think? Because this recipe only requires 3 ingredients. They are pliable and so tasty. If you do not like other gluten-free tortillas like corn tortillas or cassava tortillas this might be your new favorite tortilla. So are you ready to learn how to make rice flour tortillas? Let’s get started!

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These baked tortilla strips are the best! Use as topping on your soup, chili or salad. You can also serve them as a snack. They are easy to make and super cheap. Visit thetortillachannel.com for the full recipe #thetortillachannel #tortillastrips #bakedtortillastrips #tortillasnack
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Tortilla Strips

Crispy tortilla strips are the best and make any dish taste better! That is what we are making today! If you love your chili, Mexican soup, salad or like…

Looking for tasty tortillas? Take a look at these cassava tortillas. They are gluten-free, with great texture and flavor. Perfect for your Tex-Mex and Mexican recipe. Visit thetortillachannel.com for the full recipe #thetortillachannel #tortillas #cassavatortillas #gluten-freetortillas
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Cassava Tortillas

Cassava tortillas are amazing and totally gluten-free! If you are gluten intolerant you could eat corn tortillas or cauliflower tortillas. Well, you can also make cassava tortillas. These have…

Looking for another amaizng wrap recipe? Try these fresh sliced tuna wraps. No mayonnaise or tuna salad but fresh tuna and done in no time.
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Tuna Wrap

Today we make an ultra-fast tuna wrap that is so tasty! Just what you need when you need a fast lunch or dinner. Add all your favorite veggies and…

Looking for the best salmon wrap you ever tried? Take a look at this easy how to make salmon wrap recipe. Delicious and on the table in no time!
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Salmon Wrap

This is an amazing smoke salmon recipe. Today we are serving the easiest salmon wrap! Made with flour tortillas we make a great lunch recipe. You need about a…