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The Best Cake Recipes For Your Dessert

Sharing the best 8 cake and pie recipes that you can make as a dessert. Vegan cake, gluten free cake we have all sorts cakes and pies. Take a look on thetortillachannel.com #thetortillachannel #thebestcakerecipes #thebestcakes #thebestpierecipes

The best cake recipes that is what we are sharing today because there is always room for cake. With these recipes you will make all your family and friends happy, promise. In this list we have all sorts of cakes and pies. Vegan, gluten free and regular cake. Are you ready to see the best cake recipes? Lets get started!

If you love cakes and pies this is your post. One of the main prerequisites is that a recipe is easy to make. With simple instructions or a video should enable you to make the best cake recipes for your dessert.

But what makes a good cake? There are a number of criteria:

  • The best cake is sweet but not to sweet
  • It should be moist
  • Have great texture
  • Contain fruit

Fortunately the majority of the cakes we share here today comply with one or more of these criteria so you can’t go wrong with any of these cake recipes.

1. The best ever gluten free carrot cake

The best carrot cake portrait side

This carrot cake is gluten free and also dairy free so no butter or milk. Still this cake manages to be tasty, full of flavor and moist.

To get it that way it contains not only carrot but the secret ingredient which is apple. If you have never tried baking with apple you should.

Try this recipe that not only contains grated apple but also unsugared apple sauce. Bake it because you will be surprised how good this carrot cake tastes.

Make it once and you will make it again and again.


Calories: 313; Fat: 17.4g; Carbs: 38.3g; Protein: 3.5g;

2. The best chocolate fruit cake

Chocolate fruit pecan pie portrait

Another great pie recipe. This chocolate fruit pecan pie is vegan. It contains no butter, eggs or sugar only natural flavors.

Made with oatmeal flour which is one of the best gluten free flours you can use. It has a delicious crunch due to the pecan and hazelnut mix.

This pie is moist due to the apple sauce that is used in this recipe. Sweetened with dates and Agave syrup.


Calories: 282; Fat: 13.3g; Carbs: 41.7g; Protein: 7.6g;

3. Authentic Dutch apple pie

Dutch apple pie recipe the perfect dessert. Rustic sweet apple treat great with coffee or as dessert. #thetortillachannel #dutchapplepie #dutchapplepierecipe #applepie #sweetdessert #sweetbaking

This Dutch apple pie is my mom’s recipe. When we were kids she would be baking all the time. We would hang around the kitchen hoping to be able to lick spoons and bowls clean.

One of my favorite recipes is this Dutch apple pie. It is not to sweet, has a great crunchy crust and lots of apples in this recipe.


Calories: 354; Fat: 12.5g; Carbs; 58.4g; Protein: 4.3g;

4. Christmas Chocolate Bundt cake

Chocolate bundt cake is a delicious gluten free recipe. Great as a birthday cake, coffee cake or Christmas cake. Visit thetortillachannel for the full recipe and video #thetortillachannel #chocolatecake #glutenfreecake #bundtcake #christmascake #christmasrecipe

This chocolate bundt cake can be the perfect finish of your Christmas dinner party but you can also eat as a normal dessert.

Take a cup of tea and eat this cake. Made with rice flour so a gluten free recipe. The Oreo’s in this recipe are optional and not gluten free so be careful if you are gluten intolerant.


Calories: 192; Fat: 10.7g; Carbs: 24.1g; Protein: 2.5g;

5. Vegan apple pie galette

Sweet organic applie pie galette portrait right

This apple pie galette recipe is vegan but can be eaten by any one. Made with organic apple from our garden that do not contain pesticides or any other chemicals.

This is an easy recipe to make. It is different than an authentic apple pie but still really delicious.


Calories: 228; Fat: 6.8g; Carbs: 36g; Protein: 5.4g;

6. Keep your hands off my banana bread

Chocolate banana bread made with hands off my chocolate bars. A great breakfast, lunch or snack. It is moist, tender and sweet. Easy to make so try it #thetortillachannel #chocolatebananabread #bananabread #breadrecipe #sweetbread

Not your regular shaped banana bread and made with beautiful Hazelnut sea salt chocolate from Keep your hands of my chocolate.

It is such an easy recipe you can eat with breakfast, brunch or lunch. But can also eat it as a cake. It is decorated with chopped pecans and more chocolates.

You can easily make this recipe vegan by using aqua faba instead of egg. So reason to leave this banana bread on the table.


Calories: 174; Fat: 9.3g; Carbs: 23g; Protein: 4.3g;

7. This easy apple cake recipe is the best dessert

This dairy free apple cake recipe is soft and moist. A true sponge cake that is the best dessert #thetortillachannel #applecake #applecakerecipe #easycake #homemadecake

This is definitely the best apple cake ever. Not only decorated with apple but loaded with grated apple and apple sauce.

You may think you only taste apple but that is not the case. The apple melts in the flour and turns this cake into a moist slightly sweet dessert.

No butter in this recipe in fact this recipe is dairy free. So if you are lactose intolerant you can eat this delicious apple cake.


Calories: 277; Fat: 3.3g; Carbs: 56g; Protein: 6g;

8. Homemade Nutella mango galette

Mango nutty nutella pie galette

This is such a perfect dessert with homemade nutty Nutella and fresh mango results in this Nutella mango pie.

This recipe is dairy free, eggless and totally vegan. But that doesn’t mean this is a boring pie. No this crust is crushy, the topping is soft and fresh and combined with homemade hazelnut paste a perfect dessert.

That is why this pie is on our best cake and pie recipe list.


Calories: 277; Fat: 3.3g; Carbs: 56g; Protein: 6g;

Sharing the best 8 cake and pie recipes that you can make as a dessert. Vegan cake, gluten free cake we have all sorts cakes and pies. Take a look on thetortillachannel.com #thetortillachannel #thebestcakerecipes #thebestcakes #thebestpierecipes
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Sharing the best 8 cake and pie recipes that you can make as a dessert. Vegan cake, gluten free cake we have all sorts cakes and pies. Take a look on thetortillachannel.com #thetortillachannel #thebestcakerecipes #thebestcakes #thebestpierecipes

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