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The Tortilla Channel year in review 2017 popular posts

Corn Tortillas - 3 ingredients and gluten free

It is almost the end of 2017 and how better to end with the year in review of the most popular posts on my blog. It has been an eventful year. With a lot of high points. In this blog post The Tortilla Channel year in review 2017 popular post I am sharing my top 5 popular post.  Can you guess the most popular post? Can you guess the total number of recipes I have shared? The amount of video’s I have produced? Let’s get started!

It has been quite a year. Starting a food blog in 2017 is really a challenge. Trying to find a ritme in recipe creation, capturing video, writing the blog post and sharing around the web is a lot of work.

I must admit it takes far more time than I initially thought. The sharing on the web takes even more time that I never even thought about.

Once I hit the publish button the hard work starts. Sharing, tagging, keywords. How will you all find my recipes and work? If you focus on one thing there is hardly time left to focus on something else.

This year my main focus has been on the website, Youtube and Instagram. With more than 1K subscribers on Youtube and more than 400 on Instagram I am happy with the progress. However I would like to grow even more next year on these channels as well as on Pinterest and Facebook. Of course I would like to see the website do even better which all starts and ends with the content I share. Wanting to run a profitable food blog needs more ways of income that I am looking to develop.

Now this post is called The Tortilla Channel year in review 2017 popular post so let me share the top 5 popular posts.

5. Flavory chickpea flour tortilla

You may not be surprised that on the Tortilla Channel a number of popular posts are of tortilla. The flavory chickpea flour tortilla finished in the top 5. What I liked about this tortilla is that by changing the base flour you create a totally different tortilla. This one is soft and full of flavor. It is a gluten free recipe.

Flavory chickpea flour tortillas

For this recipe I made the flour myself from chickpea but have bought chickpea flour since. It not available in every store so if you are not able to buy flour you can make it.

Flavory chickpea flour tortillas

I made it from dried chickpea’s but would think this recipe can be made with chickpeas from a can as well. In both cased you need a very good kitchen machine for this recipe.

4. Flavorsome soft vegan flatbread

The next post is also of a tortilla or in this case a flatbread. It is soft, it is vegan and it is delicious. If you have not tried this recipe I can really recommend it.

Flavorsome soft vegan flatbread side

On my Youtube channel this flatbread recipe is one of the most popular video’s as well. The main reason is most likely that it is easy to make. You can use a kitchen machine or knead the dough by hand. It does not contain any yeast, it does contain:

  • flour
  • almond milk
  • vegan butter
  • salt
  • Vegetable oil for baking

Flavorsome soft vegan flatbread portrait above

When you make these flatbreads you can easily store them in the freezer. Eat them like a soft taco, with a curry or as a roti. It is such a simple recipe, I am sure you will love it.

Flavorsome soft vegan flatbread overhead

3. Spicy Thai red chicken curry

This is such a great recipe and one of the main ingredient for this recipe is the flavorsome soft vegan Flatbread. This recipe has a number of fresh ingredients like vegetables that add a lot of color to this recipe. Just looking at the end results makes me happy.

Spicy Thai red chicken curry above

I used a store bought curry paste for red curry. You can make a curry paste from scratch but that will take more time. I made this recipe in my trusted cast iron skillet. If you do not have a skillet I highly recommend you buy one like this cast iron skillet. One of the main advantages is that it stay really hot for a long time but you can also let your dish simmer slowly and let it get cooked through thoroughly.

Spicy Thai red chicken curry portrait

The taste is really different from a normal cooking pan so get your own cast iron skillet asap. What is extra special is that this recipe is done in just 20 minutes. If you prepare some rice and make this curry you will be done at the same time.

Spicy Thai red chicken curry portrait side

2. The best carrot cake ever

This recipe has been on the blog for a couple of weeks. We had the best carrot cake in the south of Spain in Alhaurin el Grande when we went for a coffee and a tea.

The best carrot cake portrait side

The sweet Dinorah from bakery Panaderia Pasteleria Y Cafeteria La Tahona gave us a slice of this beautiful cake and was so nice to share her recipe with me.

The best carrot cake slice portrait left

You all saw how special this recipe is as it became popular really fast. This is also a gluten free recipe as it is made with rice flour. Besides carrot one of the secret ingredients in this recipe is the apple. Grated and apple sauce. Then some brown sugar and as a personal touch I added chopped pecan nuts.

The best carrot cake slice overhead portait

1. How to make corn tortillas

Yes, the number 1 recipe on the Tortilla Channel in 2017 is the how to make corn tortillas recipe. My first blog post on the blog and the most popular recipe.

Corn Tortillas - 3 ingredients and gluten free

This is a very simple recipe but very easy to make. It requires the right flour and the right tortilla press one you can make yourself if you like.

Corn tortillas

From the corn tortillas you can easily make your own tortilla chips or some corn tacos. But can be eaten with poultry, fish or meat.

That completes the top 5 most popular post on the blog. So tell me which recipe did you like best on the Tortilla Channel this year? Tell me in the comment box below.

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