Weekly meal plan

Weekly Meal Plan Chicken Dinner Recipes

7 tasty chicken dinner recipes for the weekly meal plan. #weeklymealplan #thetortillachannel #chickenrecipes #chickendinnerrecipes

Weekly meal plan chicken dinner recipes. That is what you can find on the Tortilla Channel because there are a lot of great chicken dinner recipes for you. Chicken is such a versatile ingredient and gives you so many options. Just take a look at this weeks meal plan. With 7 meals for dinner this week. Want to see what easy chicken dinner recipes you can put on the menu this week? Lets get started!



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Perfect Pulled Chicken Fajitas in 5 easy steps Pin it now so you can use it later. Visit thetortillachannel.com

Perfect pulled chicken fajitas

This perfect pulled chicken fajitas is a classic and favorite on the Tortilla Channel.

35 minutes


10 minute taco chicken salad is a low carb salad recipe. Fits in a Keto diet and is easy to make. Video included. Visit thetortillachannel.com for the full recipe #lowcarbsalad #tacochickensalad #chickensalad #ketosalad #dinnersalad

Taco chicken salad

A healthy salad that is made with taco seasoned chicken, avocado, tomato and fresh lettuce.

10 minutes


Healthy enchilada with spinach and chicken. Oven baked great weeknight dinner. Visit thetortillachannel.com for the full instruction with video. #enchilada #spinachenchilada #healthyenchilada #easyrecipe

Healthy spinach and chicken enchilada

A different type of enchilada with spinach, egg and off course chicken. With an enchilada sauce. Yum.

65 minutes


If you love chicken for dinner then this recipe is for you. Juicy chicken pesto is great with tomatoes and is lowcarb friendly. #lowcarb #thetortillachannel #chickenpesto #ovenbakedchicken #chickenrecipe

Oven baked chicken pesto

This chicken is done in no time and super delicious with homemade basil pesto. A must try!

20 minutes


Chicken tinga recipe. Easy Tex Mex dinner dish with shredded chicken and chipotle sauce. #thetortillachannel #chickentinga #chickentingarecipe #tingachicken #shreddedtinga #shreddedchickentingarecipe

The best chicken tinga

Shred it add some of the most amazing tomato tinga salsa and you get the most amazing chicken tinga. Great with tacos.

45 minutes


How to make honey garlic chicken is a great dinner recipe. Easy to make and done in 20 minutes. Visit thetortillachannel.com #honeygarlicchicken #chickenrecipe #dinnerrecipe #garlichoneychicken #honeygarlic

Easy honey garlic chicken

Take your skillet and make honey garlic chicken dish. Eat with some basmati rice. You will have the best chicken meal ever.

20 minutes


My fathers rustic chicken roti recipe

My fathers rustic chicken roti

My all time favorite recipe the chicken recipe my father would make with roti.

60 minutes

7 tasty chicken dinner recipes for the weekly meal plan. #weeklymealplan #thetortillachannel #chickenrecipes #chickendinnerrecipes
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7 tasty chicken dinner recipes for the weekly meal plan. #weeklymealplan #thetortillachannel #chickenrecipes #chickendinnerrecipes

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