Weekly meal plan

Weekly Meal Plan Easy Beef Recipes

Weekly meal plan with easy beef recipes #thetortillachannel #weeklymealplan #easybeefrecipes

A new week and this week we have easy beef recipes on the menu. All of the recipes are dinner recipes many of which are tortilla inspired recipes. Which is the base of the Tortilla Channel because I’m all about tortilla inspired foods. For every day of we week you can find a beef recipe. Are you ready to learn about this weeks menu easy beef recipes? Lets get started!



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The best taco lasagna an easy Mexican dinner recipe made with tortillas and a skillet #thetortillachannel #tacolasagna #thebestlasagna #tortillalasagna #beeftortillalasagna #easytacolasagna

Beef tortilla taco lasagna

Take a cast iron skillet, tortilla, seasoning and the best ground beef. We are making tortilla taco lasagna.

50 minutes


Special grilled steak fajitas that will blow your mind. Great marinade some fajitas tortillas and you have a great dinner recipe in less than 20 minutes. Want to make this recipe visit thetortillachannel.com for the video instruction. #fajitas #steakfajitas #dinnerrecipe #easyfajitas

Grilled steak fajitas

If you make this grilled steak fajitas recipe make sure you get good quality steak and eat it with soft tortillas.

20 minutes


Easy beef enchilada recipe. Done with only 10 ingredients and your oven. A new family favorite dinner recipe. #thetortillachannel #beefenchilada #easybeefenchilada #enchiladarecipe #easy enchilada recipe

Beef enchiladas

A new family favorite this beef enchilada recipe made with small tortillas, ground beef and enchilada seasoning.

30 minutes


The taco pasta you want to make. A great dinner recipe combining Italian pasta with Mexican taco beef. With this taco seasoning you get a great lasagna version with this tagliatelli. Want to make this recipe visit thetortillachannel.com #tacopasta #tagliattetacos #tacopastabake #mexicanitalianlasagna

Taco pasta bake

One skillet that is all you need to make this recipe. Made with beef, tagliatelle and the best taco seasoning.

30 minutes


This tortilla burger is the best burger because you can eat it without food falling out. Serve with potato chips, pickle and hot ketchup.

The best tortilla burgers

This is one of the best hamburgers it is a tortilla burger. Made with a flatbread bun.

45 minutes


Soft shredded beef burritos with Mexican rice and beans, wrapped in a big tortilla. Visit thetortillachannel.com for the (video) instructions. #tortillarecipes

Beef burritos with Mexican rice

This is a meal in a tortilla. Made with beef, Mexican rice and beans wrapped like a burrito. A good start of the weekend

150 minutes


Shredded tender brisket beef fajitasMedium

Tender brisket beef fajitas

Shredded brisket beef fajitas is a great recipe for Sunday with vegetables and beef brisket.

95 minutes

Easy beef recipes with 7 beef dinner recipes. A great weekly menu. #thetortillachannel #easybeefrecipes #beefrecipes
Easy beef recipes with 7 beef dinner recipes. A great weekly menu. #thetortillachannel #easybeefrecipes #beefrecipes
Easy beef recipes with 7 beef dinner recipes. A great weekly menu. #thetortillachannel #easybeefrecipes #beefrecipes
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Easy beef recipes with 7 beef dinner recipes. A great weekly menu. #thetortillachannel #easybeefrecipes #beefrecipes

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