Weekly meal plan

Weekly Meal Plan Valentines Day

This week the weekly meal plan is the Valentines day menu that includes delicious recipes that you can eat and share with your loved ones. They are fun to make, quick, easy and you can prepare some in advance so you do not have to do all the cooking at once. These step-by-step recipes will guide you to make romantic dishes. I hope this weekly meal plan gives you enough inspiration for a great dinner. Are you ready to see all the lovely Valentines day recipes? Lets get started!


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Mini party tacos shrimp on a plate

Shrimp appetizers

Start your dinner with a easy tasty shrimp appetizer with this mini shrimp tacos. Cook them with grey or pink shrimp.

12 minutes


How to make the best cauliflower soup. This cauliflower soup recipe is vegetarian, fast and easy to make with so creamy. #thetortillachannel #cauliflowersoup #cauliflowersouprecipe #cauliflowercreamsoup #creamyvegetablesoup

Easy cauliflower soup

This creamy cauliflower soup is a great starter for your Valentines day menu. Loaded with veggies.

25 minutes


These Crockpot barbecue ribs are a great dinner recipe. Slow cooked in the Crockpot Express you get fall off the bone ribs. #thetortillachannel #crockpotbarbecueribs #slowcookedbarbecueribs #barbecueribs #homemadebarbecueribs #crockpotribs #slowcoockedribs

Crock pot barbecue ribs

Let the barbecue ribs that are fall of the bone soft and super tasty with homemade barbecue sauce in the Crock pot.

250 minutes

Mexican potatoes are the perfect side dish for dinner or as a tapas with some salsa. These Mexican potatoes are a bit spicy and crunchy #mexicanpotatoes #sidedish #thetortillachannel #potatosnack

Mexican potatoes

A great side dish with your barbecue ribs are these Mexican potatoes. Well seasoned and super delicious.

45 minutes


The easiest tortilla pan pizza

Romantic Pan pizza

Make a lovely pan pizza that you can eat together from the pan. What could be more romantic than that.

45 minutes


Licor 43 balón cocktail is a refreshing cool drink for hot summer nights or for a party #thetortillachannel #licor43cocktail #licor43 #licorbalon #cocktailrecipe

Refreshing licor 43 cocktail

With a romantic dinner you want a romantic cocktail. Try this licor 43 cocktail. You will love it.

4 minutes


Sweet bunuelos tortilla cream cheese cake is sugared fried tortilla with cream cheese and fruit. A great cake for a party or birthday.

Sweet bunuelos cheese cake

Off course you want a dessert for two that you can enjoy together. Try this bunuelos cheese cake a sweet dessert. Yum!

10 minutes


These Zeeuwse bolus is a sticky bun and a Dutch version of the cinnamon roll. These sticky buns are totally covered in cinnamon sugar and heart shaped so make it for your sweet heart. #thetortillachannel #stickybuns #cinnamonrolls #dutchbolus #stickycinnamonbuns #valentinesday

Sweet heart sticky cinnamon buns

A great dessert to end a great dinner. Make these sticky cinnamon buns for your sweet heart. They will love you for it.

30 minutes

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